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The Light House
"The House of Light"
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is a “One Light Federation” Spiritualist Church and was founded on 9th May 2009.
It is located at 66-76 Palmerston Street, Melton, Victoria and the Ministers are The Right Reverend Jennifer M. Valls and The Most Reverend
Gordon L. McKenzie 0402 144 844





It is sufficient to say that there were Divine Forces at work in the Spirit World, which led to Jennifer and Gordon eventually meeting in a Medium’s Development Circle.  Jennifer is a capable and gifted medium, Reiki Master, Spiritual Healer and a very-experienced Teacher of Meditation.  Being highly-developed, Jennifer is well-equipped to communicate with the World of Spirit, which she does with apparent ease.  In her early days of meditation, so enthusiastic was Jennifer, that when she commenced meditating, she sat in three different meditation circles every week!  Even now, in addition to her Ministerial and Spiritual-Teaching commitments, Jennifer meditates regularly and this, combined with her unshakable faith in Spirit and natural ability, may well see her rise to the levels of mediumship and Healing, rarely seen in these times.  Additionally, Jennifer’s extraordinary stamina demands of her that she pass her knowledge and experience to others, so that they may also benefit from meditating, in their quest to grow and achieve enlightenment.

Through her liaison with Spirit, Jennifer knew much about Gordon before she met him!  She followed Spirit’s instructions and their awesome teamwork, a sample of which can be witnessed on their various recordings, saw the light of day!

To put it simply, as Twin Flames, Jennifer and Gordon share a remarkable connection, which ensures and enables their teamwork, liaison and rapport, to shine and radiate!  Accordingly, in addition to The Light House “The House of Light” and all its associated activities, Jennifer and Gordon have already brought to you, Spirit-Inspired Guided-Meditations and Therapeutic Music CD’s of the highest quality.  There is much more on the way!

Right Reverend Jennifer M. Valls
Celebrant Minister of The Light House “The House of Light” V29065
(A "One Light Federation" Church)
Spiritual Healer & Reiki Master
Clairvoyant Spiritual Medium
Meditation Teacher

The Profile of a Truly Spiritually-Inspired Lady

If one was to take Dynamic Energy, add a Gentle and Passive Personality; a Radiance that Lights up every Room upon Entry and then complement all of this with a Spirit that Glows with Divine Light and genuinely tries to help every person shine with Divine Light, then you would undoubtedly have Reverend Jennifer Valls!

Reverend Jennifer is a very-dedicated and multi-talented Spirit-Worker.  She is a powerful Spiritual-Healer, a well-versed and remarkably capable Reiki Master, as well as a very-experienced Teacher of Meditation.
Jennifer is a Light-Worker and excels in excellence.  Like those “chosen” before her, humility abounds with this remarkable and giving lady, who prefers to work silently in the background, away from the glare of the public spotlight; but the fact remains that Reverend Jennifer is a compassionate humanitarian, who has, for many years, given and dedicated her precious time, energy and knowledge, for the benefit of others less fortunate than herself. Despite having enormous demands placed upon her time, she has managed to squeeze in voluntary, respite and palliative care, in addition to giving her time to those in need of Spiritual or Reiki Healing, expert guidance as a Teacher of Meditation, or Spiritual Guidance as a Compassionate Minister.

Reverend Jennifer not only works closely with Spirit, but with her Angels and with those of other realms and other dimensions.  Her level of communication is extraordinary, as is her understanding and knowledge.
Reverend Jennifer, was naturally clairvoyant, clairaudient and spiritually-aware in every way imaginable, from a very-young age. Her gift is pure and she was blessed with spiritual knowledge and awareness, as well as the memory of certain previous-incarnations.  Sadly, her childhood was not conducive to the nurturing of her beautiful gifts, but the blessing for all of us, is that she retained and now relishes those precious gifts.
Her children are all spiritually-gifted in the highest sense!  Her middle child came into this life, fully-remembering his previous life and the circumstances of his then passing!  He also has the phenomenal gift of seeing the parts of the body which need to be healed and to what extent!  At the age of 16, Jenny’s eldest child received the light directly from Jesus and her youngest child, also has outstanding spiritual gifts and talents!
Reverend Jennifer’s personality and presence is very feminine, angelic and sincere.  She is an excellent and very experienced teacher of Meditation.
As a Reiki-Master, Reverend Jennifer is thoroughly experienced as a teacher of Reiki Healing at all levels.
Reverend Jennifer is Clairvoyant and Clairaudient and Clair-Everything-Else! Trance, Inspirational Talks and much more, are all “par for the course” for Reverend Jennifer.  She has beautiful links with the Spirit-World, not only with her own Guides, but with Spirit at the Highest levels, including those not of this realm.

To hear Reverend Jennifer speak so informatively and passionately is a revelation.  Her presence is charismatic!
Now, for the benefit of all who seek and in the form of beautifully recorded and performed CD recordings, Reverend Jennifer’s exquisite meditations are available to help everyone meditate, learn, grow and open.
Reverend Jennifer sets high standards for herself and strives for perfection.  She is genuine, true and earnest in her care and concern for others; sincere, dedicated and thorough in her philosophical approach to life and tries to help everyone, to the best of her ability.
As a teacher, coach and mentor, Reverend Jennifer’s sincerity and passion shines through at all times.  She is a great communicator and does it with ease and simplicity.  For some time, she co-hosted “Spiritually-Speaking” on 3WBC 94.1 FM, with Rev. Bill Livingstone and Rev. Gordon McKenzie.

Known and respected as the humble, sincere and pure “Angel”, who cares and gives, Reverend Jennifer Valls is truly a remarkably-gifted Lady, destined to serve and to radiate her light, so that others may follow.

Most Reverend Gordon L. McKenzie
A.B.N. 31 065 289 210
Teacher Registration Number: 323780
B.Mus. (Melb.), A.Mus.A., C.P.T.R. (Dist), C.M.C.. Cert IV

Celebrant Minister of The Light House “The House of Light” V29064
A "One Light Federation" Church
Civil Marriage & Funeral Celebrant
Reg.No. V29064
Chairman of The Victorian Music Library Inc.
Reiki Master & Spiritual Healer
Presenter & Producer of “Let The Bands Play”
Musician and Entertainer

Talent, dedication and a sound classical and University Conservatorium background have established Gordon as a successful director, producer and multi-talented musician and entertainer. 

Ordained Minister, international pianist; theatre and electronic organist; entertainer; bass-baritone; compere; stage, television, radio and film personality; silent-movie organist; piano-accordionist; accompanist to leading international artists; voice-over and recording artist; narrator; adjudicator; piano tuner and technician; celebrity speaker; music & entertainment consultant; piano, organ, theory & singing teacher; voice-coach; author & poet; composer & lyricist; authorised civil marriage celebrant..

What else can he possibly do?

Gordon is a perfectionist, a master of his craft and so-qualified in his chosen fields.

As well as having fulfilled varied and demanding Musical-Direction positions, appearing with many famous artists and successfully directing a renowned commercial enterprise, Gordon’s personality never changed. He is recognised worldwide as the humble “gentle-man”, who Cares and Gives.

In 1989, Gordon created Australian history when he released Australia’s first theatre pipe organ compact disc recording, “Fire Those Pipes”. An Australian First!

Over recent years, his many professionally-presented recordings, compact discs and cassettes, have borne out the plaudits of those who continue to enjoy the diverse talents of Gordon McKenzie.

Telephone: (03) 9743 7603; Mobile : 0402 144 844

If living out of Australia : +613 9743 7603


There are "Three Principle Beliefs" of “One Light Federation”, As Received By Right Reverend Jennifer Valls In Spirit-Communication and In The Presence of Most Reverend Gordon McKenzie On Monday 10th November, 2014

    There are three "Principle Beliefs of "One Light Federation"

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