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"The House of Light"

is a “One Light Federation” Spiritualist Church and was founded on 9th May 2009.
It is located at 66-76 Palmerston Street, Melton, Victoria and the Ministers are The Right Reverend Jennifer M. Valls and The Most Reverend
Gordon L. McKenzie (03) 9743 7603 / 0402 144 844


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Tears of Joy

Tears Of Joy CD Cover
Gordon McKenzie

Recording Number JVGM0003

Therapeutic Music - Music to Soothe the Soul

Early in 2007, I was inspired to write a beautiful piano composition and the name impressed upon me was “Tears of Joy”. Late in 2007, I was privileged to record two Guided Meditation CD’s with my spiritually-gifted friend and colleague, Jennifer Valls: “Temple of Light” and “Journey Onto Sacred Ground”. I played “Tears of Joy” for the introduction on one CD and such has been the demand already, by popular request, I have now released this continuous version of “Tears of Joy”.

I adore this piece of music and being “a sensitive”, (in touch with Spirit), I remember having tears flowing from my eyes as I sat at the piano, writing the notes, as they came to me. The music was certainly inspired and came at a time, when light once again entered my life. I am eternally grateful to the beautiful soul who brought that light to me, which continues to this present day.

I sincerely hope my music brings beautiful light and an inner peace to you! - Gordon McKenzie

Music is the universal language of the world. It communicates with the Soul from the highest levels, establishing harmony, balance and inner peace.

This recording “Tears of Joy”, is therapeutic music and as such, complements all relaxing states of mind, including Reiki, Massage, Yoga and Meditation. Music creates and develops a more-rounded and well-balanced personality. It will enhance energy flow throughout your mind, body and soul, enhance your ability to relax, soothe your soul, help in the reduction of stress and nervous tension, assist in raising awareness and help foster a calmer, more rational approach to every day life. As the title says, it will fill your essence with beautiful “Tears of Joy”.

Tears of Joy

  • Track 1: Featuring: “Tears of Joy” – Played by the composer Gordon McKenzie. Total playing time: 74:07 Minutes

“Tears of Joy” – Composed, arrange and played by Gordon L. McKenzie.
© – Gordon McKenzie 2008. All rights reserved.

Technical Information

Recorded, Mixed and Mastered at Dex Audio Studios, North Melbourne and Kensington, November & December 2007.
Organs – Technics G7.
Piano – Kawai 7’ Grand Piano.
© & (P) Jennifer Valls and Gordon McKenzie 2007. All rights reserved.

Gordon McKenzie Personal contact : 03 9743-7603, Mobile : 0402-144-844

If living out of Australia : 61 3 9743-7603

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