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The Light House
"The House of Light"

is a “One Light Federation” Spiritualist Church and was founded on 9th May 2009.
It is located at 66-76 Palmerston Street, Melton, Victoria and the Ministers are The Right Reverend Jennifer M. Valls and The Most Reverend
Gordon L. McKenzie (03) 9743 7603 / 0402 144 844


More information about the CDs

A Special Place
Guided Adventures for The Young

Temple of Light CD cover

Jennifer Valls & Gordon McKenzie

Recording Number JVGM0005

“Over the rainbow, as if in our dreams, such wonderful places of love, as it seems; in lands of great colour, where wishes come true, like all of the beauty, that’s found within you!”  There are seven beautiful colours in the rainbow and in “A Special Place” each ray of the rainbow takes you on an exciting adventure, filled with wonder and awe!

Track 1 Introduction and welcome with Jennifer Valls, introducing The Seven Colours of The Rainbow 2:46 mins
Track 2  Red – The Carnival – Travel on a Train, Go on Rides, Meet a Clown and have Lots of Fun – Gordon McKenzie 9:47 mins
Track 3  Orange – A Safari – Ride on an Elephant and see Lots of Different Animals in their Own Habitat – Jennifer Valls 8:14 mins
Track 4 Yellow – A Garden – Glide across the Sky in a Hot-Air-Balloon and Visit a Beautiful Garden Filled with Exquisite Butterflies and Birds – Jennifer Valls 9:26 mins
Track 5 Green – An Orchard – Ride on a Tractor, as a Farmer Takes You to Pick Fruit & Vegetables – Gordon McKenzie 8:44 mins
Track 6 Blue – The Beach – Sail on a Boat, Go Swimming, Build a Sand-Castle and Have Fun in the Sun – Jennifer Valls 9:40 mins
Track 7 Indigo – Space – Meet a “Being of Light”, Travel Through the Universe in a U.F.O. and Visit A Star – Gordon McKenzie 9:32 mins
Track 8 Violet – Fairyland – Ride on a Unicorn, Visit an Enchanted Forest, Climb a Magical Tree, Meet Fairies, Angels and a Wizard – Jennifer Valls 10:19 mins


All Music composed, arranged and played by Gordon L. McKenzie
© (P) Jennifer Valls and Gordon McKenzie 2014.  All rights reserved

“A Special Place” complements our book of the same name and contains eight tracks, with seven beautifully-inspired, educational adventures for the young.  Each adventure will take you to “A Special Place”, inspired by a coloured ray of the rainbow.

With Love and Blessings

Jennifer and Gordon

Original Adventures:  Jennifer Valls and Gordon McKenzie
Narration:  Jennifer Valls and Gordon McKenzie
Sound Effects:  Gordon McKenzie
Organ:  Gordon McKenzie
Original Music Compositions:  Gordon McKenzie
Recording Engineer:  David McLuney
Recording Mastering:  Jason Sandford
Front Cover Artwork:  Laura Floyd
Graphic Design & Layout:  Jamie Coghill

Technical Information:
Recorded, Mixed and Mastered at Dex Audio Studios, North Melbourne and Kensington,
October, November & December 2013.
Organs – Technics F3 and G7.
© & (P) Jennifer Valls and Gordon McKenzie 2014. All rights reserved


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